Don’t Give Up On Finding Love Just Yet

Don’t believe the commercials for online dating services, even with the use of these services dating can be daunting for just about everyone. There are a ton of things that can give you the feeling of giving up on love like a dating environment that focuses on quantity over quality, limited dating pools, and the lack of dating etiquette.

Most of these options were created to make dating easier and more natural resulting in the opposite effect of making it more difficult to find a connection let alone love. Before giving up on finding love, we list some hopeful considerations that can have you thinking twice.

Some issues might be self-doubted but if you start recognizing getting similar complaints about a specific issue, this is a sign you should reassess. This can help you to figure out how to become a better partner for current and future relationships.

Reassessing can also give you the chance to determine which feedback can help improve your personality or whether someone is trying to get you down with a negative comment. Assessing what people are saying about you shows the colors of your true friends and can give you the option of cutting out unsupportive, negative people from your life.

Another element impeding love is making assumptions like reading between the lines of certain comments that can seem to have multiple meanings created by assuming things. For example, if your partner doesn’t text you back you might think that they don’t care about you.

Instead of assuming this, use it as a chance to confront your assumptions with your partner and this will give you a chance to find out what they really feel instead of spiraling out of control. Another helpful tip is trying to see the situation from your partner’s perspective that will help you understand them more and fight back against assumptions.

Being successful in your relationship and work-life might seem to blend together but should be kept separate. Having the skills at work to climb the corporate ladder is great to implement in business but won’t be the same skills you should have for a good relationship.

The progression at work is more “me-centered” compared to the relationship that should be centralized around you and your partner. In a relationship, you should balance your priorities with your partner at any given moment to help test the strength, tolerance, and patience of your relationship.

With love comes vulnerability as giving someone a piece of your heart is connected to many deep emotions that will make your relationship more real and transparent. Talking about vulnerable topics can be heard but will strengthen the bond and trust with your partner as these moments can result in a longer relationship.




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