Timeless Fashion Films Bringing Style To The Silver Screen

Style inspiration might seem to only come from the runway, but fashionable films capture a snapshot of style over the years. The style captivated the silver screen in timeless movies and films that will influence the future of fashion while inspiring new emerging trends. We recommend some films that is less about the plot and more focused on fashion.

The Millionairess – 1960 

This early rom-com stars the style siren Sofia Lauren playing the role of Epifania Parerga, a woman that has and gets everything she desires except for love. Despite having some romantic problems, she has no worries when it comes to looking fabulous as the wardrobe is designed by Pierre Balmain, the founder of the timeless French luxury fashion house of Balmain. True to the Balmain style aesthetic, that is heavy on fantastical hats and figure-enhancing gowns often associated with Parisian fashion. 

Funny Girl – 1968 

This film was made in the 1960s but was set in the time era of the 1930s focusing on the visual delight of New York vaudeville and Broadway. Barbara Streisand stars in the movie as a young starlet Fanny Brice making a name for herself for her vocal and comedic talents gaining the attention of the renowned theater impresario Florenz Ziegfeld (played by Walter Pidgeon). The fashion featured in the film is elegant and dazzling with gorgeous gowns alongside tuxedos with coattails of the 1930s infused with mod-inspired styles from the 1960s. 

What A Way To Go – 1964 

This film stars Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine during her prime playing Louisa May Foster who is a widow of four husbands played by Gene Kelly, Dick Van Dyke, Paul Newman, and Robert Mitcham that are all met with slapstick ends. As Louisa keeps losing husbands, her fashion evolves through a series of Edith Head-designed costumes with a breath-taking monochromatic pink moment from head to toe with pink hair to match a floor-length pink fur coat. This film is known for being an early inspiration for flamboyant camp fashion that inspired the theme for the 2019 Met Gala. 

Mahogany – 1975 

Like many iconic fashionable films, “Mahogany” stars young Diana Ross playing the lead role of Tracy Chambers who starts as a struggling design student that evolves into a renowned fashion model and designer. This film features fashion moments from rags to riches inspired by Ross’ iconic sense of style with massive eyelashes, voluminous hair, big feathers, and bigger furs. 

Clueless – 1995 

The era of the 90s was diverse with more emerging, diverse fashion trends that created cliques among the teens of Beverly Hills high school in “Clueless.” The main plot of “Clueless” is narrated by the central lead character Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) who considers the dress code before leaving the house with a computer-controlled dream closet. The 1990s is the fashion era known for grunge but the characters of “Clueless” are recognized for their signature style that is unique among each character that promotes individuality. 




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