Subtle Signs Men Want To Be In An Exclusive Relationship

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Are You In An Exclusive Realtionship?

The dating stage gives you a chance to get to know your partner better but can be subtle when talking about more complex topics regarding your relationship. There are some subtle signs men give off when they’re considering an exclusive relationship and can start showing signs of wanting to be exclusive without having to say it.

Dating starts out with simple one-on-one dates but the next level of becoming exclusive is meeting the family and friends. This shows that they’re comfortable enough to introduce the important people in their life and you get to learn more about their interests. Another good sign is when he refers to your relationship as “we” when talking about future plans like trips or events.

Labels are prevalent with women in relationships as this can be a deal-breaker. If your partner won’t define your relationship with other people, it’s a red flag indicating you haven’t become exclusive yet with the possibility they might have other options open. Once your partner stops introducing you as ‘just a friend’ and is replaced by the title of boyfriend or girlfriend, you have good chances you’re the one-and-only.

Men tend to show their affection with quality time and are serious about a relationship when they set steady, frequent dates for the weekend. This can show that your partner cherishes their time with you rather than spending every night with a new partner.

A common element in exclusive relationships is talking about the future like plans for spending holidays together, moving in together, and in some cases marriage. Another indication of an exclusive relationship is your partner bragging about you and introducing you to his female friends as he’s often seeking their sign of approval.

Announcing your exclusive relationship for all to see starts with social media by adding photos of you with your new partner that your partner will appreciate. When making your new relationship public information online, sometimes your ex could message you. This can result in you feeling guilty unless you’re open and honest about it with your partner, which will strengthen the trust between you two.

Committing to an exclusive relationship can start with an empty drawer at each partner’s home so they feel connected and comfortable with mutual boundaries. This will also show others that there is a love interest present in the home and giving your partner a spare key will also increase trust.