The Role Of Dairy With Healthier People And Greener Diets 

People worldwide have ignored their physical and mental wellness for years, but that isn’t the case anymore. More people are becoming aware of how necessary maintaining their diets is, making them choose greener food products. 

Plant-Based Plastic Alternative Made With Sugar Cane Fiber 

Cytoplan is using sugar cane fiber to replace plastics in its product packaging. We explore its positive impacts on the environment and providing a biodegradable plastic alternative. 

Saudi Arabia Reveals Grand And Unconventional City Named '"The Line"

Saudi Arabia unveiled plans for developing a new vertical city, a vision into the future. The advertisements for 'The Line' has many people asking questions, wondering if it can be a reality. 

Flying Ferries Cen Be The Future Of Quicker Commutes  

One Sweden-based startup offers a green solution to traditional combustion engine boats by creating electric-powered boats that can cut CO2 emissions and commute times.  

The Ethics Of Renting Clothes And Accessories 

Rental companies for clothes and accessories might not be a new concept but is growing in popularity. The unique shopping concept is proving to be convenient,  but some customers are unaware of the environmental ethics of fashion rental companies.

Exploring Sleep Divorce That Can Strengthen Your Relationship 

If you’re feeling a strain in your relationship, maybe you should consider a sleep divorce. This arrangement can help strengthen relationships among partners and determine whether a relationship can continue.   

The Fashion Aesthetic Of Cottagecore Celebrates Simpler Times 

Cottagecore is a lifestyle and fashion trend looking back to the simple times.