The Fashion Aesthetic Of Cottagecore Celebrates Simpler Times

Some fashionistas are looking to the past instead of the future of fashion through cottagecore wearing simple styles associated with rural or country lifestyles. Cottagecore started to become more prevalent in the 2010s and became a popular fashion esthetic by 2017 on social media platforms like Instagram and Tumbler.

Influencers started documenting different aspects of their commitment to cottagecore that goes beyond wearing neutral-colored simple styles and the basics of living a rural lifestyle. You might not be too familiar with cottagecore but this is a perfect place to start learning more.

Urban Dictionary defined cottagecore as ‘an aesthetic and fashion style inspired by romanticized rural and farm lifestyle interpretations.’ People of the cottagecore community might be identified as farmers that can be true but not for all.

There are varying degrees of living the cottagecore lifestyle with the most common element is fashion for many community members. Some people live the cottagecore lifestyle through the fashion aesthetic wearing earth-tone hues, peasant/loose silhouettes, and delicate floral patterns with style. Cottagecore incorporates village patterns such as gingham, stripes, faded floral, and paisley that added some flair through the embroidery of animals, plants, or insects.

This style trend carries over to nearly all pieces of a cottagecore wardrobe, especially with dresses that are loosely inspired by the styles of the 1920s to the 1950s. One of the most common elements of the cottagecore wardrobe is wearing flowing, loose-fitting, and billowing accents (most common in peasant blouses).

Another popular style trend with cottagecore is loose-fitted overalls that are a unique design that is great for a casual look. You can opt for a simple monochromatic moment or have a pair of overalls with flair incorporating the cottage core village patterns with a fun print, embroidery, or whatever else you may prefer.

A versatile piece to have in any cottagecore closet is a mid-length flowing skirt that can be worn with a variety of tops and accessories. Speaking of accessories, cottagecore might seem to go by “less is more” but accessories for cottagecore should be limited by finding the best one or two options to complement your outfit. The best accessories for any cottagecore outfit is neutral colored pieces made of materials that aren’t processed.




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