Google Offers Free Certification To Students

Google is now offering free continuing education certifications for tech workers. Courses are offered through Google Trainings, which are like college classes. One course covers basic skills like working with email accounts, calendars, and spreadsheets. The average time allotted for completing this 52-minute class is just under 20 minutes. 

Terms of the Offer 

  • Google will pay for the cost of certification, as well as include an additional $150 to cover any associated fees.
  • The program is intended for people who can’t afford the certifications otherwise.
  • The certification could be a replacement for a four-year degree. 

Why Now? 

Students can work at their own pace and access learning materials from anywhere with an internet connection. Online courses also help students in rural areas who may have no way of getting to a physical campus. They’re usually more affordable than traditional classes, too; some colleges offer them for free. 

Are These Classes A Good Idea? 

Online classes don’t make as much sense for some professions, including IT. These credentials can help students who want to go into technology roles but can’t spend years studying or thousands of dollars on tuition.
For IT students, online classes can be limiting. Working with hardware requires hands-on training that doesn’t work well over the internet. Students who can’t afford to go to college might consider Google Certifications. If a student passes an exam and gets a certification, they have proof of their knowledge. 

What Are the Prospects of These Certifications? 

As many companies like Google are moving away from using academic degrees as a job requirement, these types of certificates could become more common in hiring processes.
A new program from Google aims to encourage students who otherwise might not be able to afford a college education or may feel disconnected from academia due to distance learning options. Such programs could help some individuals gain valuable skills needed for today’s workforce without incurring debt in pursuit of a traditional degree. 

Skills Covered 

Google has offered to pay for students to receive IT certifications. These types of skills are in high demand these days, and Google knows it. Graduates must agree to work at Google full-time for at least one year after completing their certification program before moving on elsewhere (and if you don’t like Google or want something else). 

Final Thoughts 

Are you a person who is interested in the world of Information Technology and would love to begin a career? If so, then getting an IT Certification is an easy way to earn money in a growing industry. Here are some reasons why this certification can be beneficial for you: 

  • It’s a great way to get started.
  • Certifications show employers that you have the skills to do your job well.
  • They’re often a good investment, with many people seeing high returns on their investment. 

For more information on how to acquire a certification in your field, we recommend checking out Google’s Grow with Google program. They offer a variety of resources, including online courses and access to study material, as well as in-person workshops and one-on-one coaching. This program will help you take the next step in your career and be more competitive in the job market. 




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